[NOT UPDATING] An Exo Fic-Exchange Masterpost

Are you overwhelmed by the intense amount of EXO fanfic exchanges that are currently out right now? Do you want to join a fic exchange but don't know where to start? Do you want to read fanfics from fanfic exchanges but don't know which ones have fics out already? Look no further, because I drank my own tears and peed out this masterlist.
In light of all the new EXO related fanfic exchanges, I felt that a masterpost would be a good way to keep track of the crapload of exchanges that are happening at the moment, and since nobody has done it yet (or, at least, I don't think anybody has), I thought I would!
I've only included fanfic exchanges that are happening for the year of 2014.

We'll start off with the basics:
Here is a list of all of the fic exchanges related to EXO. I've sorted them into three categories: EXO-centric, member-centric, and pairing-centric.

LAST UPDATED: August 26, 2014: New exchanges - exolliarmus (Harry Potter!EXO), femmexo (noncishet!EXO), rarepairexo (rare pairs), baektobaek (Baekhyun-centric), tinyterrorsx (Chen/D.O.), exot3plus (OT3+), ablueblazer (Chanyeol/Suho).

exolliarmus (Harry Potter!EXO)
exot3plus (OT3+)
femmexo (noncishet!EXO)
runandgun - NO 2014 EXCHANGE
vixxomoments (EXO/VIXX Crossover Exchange)

Xiumin: minseokful
Luhan: deerofdawn
Kris: wufantastic
Suho: suholiday
Lay: justgetlayd
Baekhyun: thebaekfest
Baekhyun 2: baektobaek
Chen: chenpionships
Chanyeol: yeolliepopday
D.O.: sooheaven
Tao: immortaolize
Kai: forjongin
Sehun: ohunlimited
Bottom!Sehun: bottomsehun

Baekhyun/Chanyeol: baeconandeggs
Baekhyun/Chen: thedaelight
Baekhyun/Kai: perfectedart
Baekhyun/Kris: artistalks
Baekhyun/D.O.: sooenaemoured
Baekhyun/Sehun: beefnbubbletea
Chanyeol/D.O.: onemorechansoo
Chanyeol/Kai: stillnessismove
Chanyeol/Suho: ablueblazer
Chen/D.O.: tinyterrorsx
Chen/Suho: criticalcapture
Chen/Xiumin: chenceforxiu
Chen/Lay: xingdaes
Chen/Luhan:  chenandluhan
D.O./Luhan: room9093
D.O./Suho: capsandpizzas
D.O./Sehun: hunniesoo
Kai/D.O.: kaisoommer
Kai/Lay: kaixingery
Kai/Luhan: adeerandadancer
Kai/Sehun: maknaerulez
Kai/Xiumin: tiny_hyung
Kris/Luhan: krishanthemums
Kris/Lay: fanxingyou
Kris/Tao: ktstylefest
Kris/Suho: angelforalien
Lay/Luhan: onlayforlu
Luhan/Sehun: selubration
Luhan/Xiumin: soccerncoffee
Sehun/Suho: xunmian
Sehun/Tao: taohunation
Suho/Tao: sutaoabstyle

OT3+ Centric
Baekhyun/Chanyeol/Chen/D.O.: chinguline

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That's basically all that my brain will handle for today. I'll probably sort them into different ways and make them under different cuts another time. If you're a mod of any of these exchanges and want me to change something or to take you off this list, please feel free to message me on livejournal or ask for other methods of communication. If you see any mistakes on this list, also feel free to contact me!

Suggestions, comments, and pats on my back are highly appreciated. <3